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Remodeling Your Home for Comfort

Are you stressed every time you try to cook a meal in your too-small kitchen? Find yourself returning to the 1980s when you enter the bathroom. Or is your laundry room layout functional? It can be frustrating and stressful when your home doesn’t meet your needs functionally or aesthetically. By renovating your home to suit your lifestyle, you can eliminate the everyday stresses of living in an unsuitable space. But where do you start? Here are our top tips for renovating your home for comfort.

planning home remodel for comfort

Focus On Family Needs

The key to creating a stress-free home is personalizing your core spaces to fit your and your family’s needs and lifestyle. But how do you do that? First, identify what you don’t love about each area in your home. Begin by listing rooms and spaces that bother you or don’t get used much. As you examine each space ask yourself: What makes me unhappy about this space? Does the room only need a little organization and restyling to fit my taste, or does the functionality and efficiency of the room just not make any sense?  


Each Room Serves a Purpose

When remodeling your home – be practical. As you begin putting together your master plan, remember: it’s essential to ensure each room serves a functional purpose. Clearly define what layout, design, and style you envision each room having with as much detail as possible. A clear vision from the start will ensure your remodeling contractor turns your home into the perfect living space for you.


Be Creative with Design and Style

More often than not, we see people getting overwhelmed with the design and style they want in their homes and settling for generic strategies. So before beginning any remodeling project, ask yourself: What is my style? Cozy, traditional, modern, minimalist, farmhouse, country cottage, new American, or contemporary? Your home should reflect your personality, so once you know your style, get creative and have fun with colors and textures to create the perfect aesthetic, ambient, and lifestyle-oriented space for you.


Think Appearance, Durability and Value

Another factor to consider before remodeling is what construction materials to use. With the price of construction materials sky rocking, choosing whether you go for the budget-friendly option of low-quality materials or high-quality materials is good to consider upfront so you can adjust your remodeling budget accordingly. Since the choice of material you pick will impact your home’s appearance, durability, and value for years to come, we recommend discussing your options with your contractor to make a well-informed decision. 


Turning your house into a home is a labor of love. At Vertex, we aim to help remodel your home for comfort and style. As Lake Minnetonka area’s most trusted remodeling contractor, we can bring your unique ideas and vision of the perfect living space to life. Contact us today to get started.


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